Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year blogworld!!

Happy New Year my friends! May God's Blessings be upon u in 2010!
2009 was mixed with major challenges and very exciting changes but, I believe 2010 is the year we're gonna WIN! Ha ha.. I'm expecting an excting and prosperous year! Things are going to change for me and I'm ready to make that change. I'm fasting and I have no internet at the moment since I've moved so it will be a bit quiet for some time. Don't worry I'm going to be back with new stuff! I wanted to post this gift illo of my favorite christian band from my church known as THRIVE. THRIVE is a very inspiring and fantastic spiritfuilled rock band that has really inspired me to be a better person. These young people are touching lives when the play the same way I wish to do with my own art. So keep an ear to the ground for them and keep me in prayer. God's up to something for us yallz! Don't be afraid this is our year!!!