Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some mo' old hollywood bull slap!!!

RIP: Kids WB!
by jerry
October 3, 2007 8:55 am

Bye Bye Batman, Tom & Jerry, and The Legion of Super Heroes. Hello more Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and crap like that.

Variety is reporting that The CW will shut down Kids’ WB! at the end of this season and turn Saturday mornings over to 4Kids Entertainment (which has taken over Fox’s Saturday morning kids block for the past six years). According to Variety:

Under the five-year pact, 4Kids will program five hours of children’s programming between 7 a.m. and noon on Saturdays on the CW starting September 2008. 4Kids will handle all national commercial advertising, and will share in ad revenue with the CW.

The CW is the last broadcast network to air original kids programming produced in-house. With one less outlet for homegrown animated shows, this announcement is another blow to the local SoCal production community.

On the plus side, it’s one less outlet for the perennial spin-offs of Scooby Doo. Zoinks!



What the heck is wrong with these people! I can't believe CW is closing KidsWB!! They have much better programing than 4kids tv! What's going to happen to Legion of Superheroes , The Batman, and the new Spectacular Spiderman designed by the hipster character designer Sean"Cheeks' Galloway. Man I'm soo mad. Disney closed then re-opened, Warner Bros Closed it's feature animation, Fox closed theres years ago, Nickelodian cancelled Danny Phantom ( a hit show at it's peak) what the heck man where am I going to work!!? I'm not hating on anime on 4 kids but, they pick the crappiest ones and repeat Wb classics. Man this some of that old bull slap yallz!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

AOC2: 4 Elements after thoughts......

Back at the Blag! Well AOC 2 was a major success!! My goodness how the Lord is so Good!
God really blessed me this past Saturday. The show was awesome and had many new contributing artists as well as some ill hip-hop and other talented performers. My set up was humble but people came to have caricatures drawn of them. I had such a long line I didn't notice how many customers I had! I sat in a chair almost all 4 hours of the show! Man my back hurt!
I can't describe to you the feeling that I got after drawing the people at the show. Unlike at my former job at Six Flags, I received no rejection and people were so respectful! All my friends who were showing art and performing that night all wanted a caricature too! It was so much fun. As well as I got a request for a print of my hip-hop illustration that I was working on for the show. This all after a prayer from a friend I met at the Six Flags in 2006. Also I discovered that I was credited as one of the founders of Art of the City with my boys Sherwin, Anthony, Nick, and Hope who I met via and is Assoc. Pastor of City 242 church who houses the art shows. The picture of me with the couple is actually Pastor Scott and his wife Mrs. Mulvey. I've been praising Jesus all and thanking him all weekend and church on Sunday was so much more sweeter! I've been struggling this whole month after gettting laid off. I now have so much confidence in my talent and I know that things are looking up in this year of New beginings! Mad thanks to my new friends Virgil and Lewis for these pics. Thank you so much Lord for this great blessing and proving your word to be true! Let me drop a shout out to the Earthtones for rocking it out at AOC!!! The show will be back in 3 months so you all gotta come see the madness and the talent that the North Bay Brings!!! God is good all the time!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

4 elements art show this saturday!

Hey everyone please check me out at this cool hip-hop art show this weekend!
It's going to by at City242 743 East Tabor, Fairfield Ca on Saturday Jan. 26. 6-10pm.
Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sonic the Hedgehog : Athropomorphic 90's teen angst....

Here's a Sonic sketch for Jam. Man all my childhood heroes are all of a sudden hard to draw! I haven't drawn Sonic in dang near 10 years! Man.. I got issues with that. Oh well check it out.



OML!! I loved this graphic novel!
I want to see this animated film.
These are the type of animated films I want to create! Gotta see Persepolis animated film and get the book yallz!!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Changes for 2008...

Screw resoutions!!!
Just to let you all know, I'm setting my house in order.....
at least in cyberspace. Time to get organized yallz!
I created a new blog which will be my temporary/perminent website for my portfolio as well as my this current blog will be my blog to post up my rants, raves, godly wisdom, fan art, private art and whatever else I've done with this blog during 07' to keep in touch with my friends. So I'm not leaving or anything but, I'm trying to rebrand myself as a profesional artist. I'm proud to say I'm serious with this and I'm hungering for order and stability in my life. For a long time I've dreamed that I could be organized and focused but I couldn't grasp it . I always talked the talk but failed to walk it. But not no more..... On New Years Eve I saw something inspirational in the sky. I saw to Thin-Jet style clouds coming together forming a Cross in the sky. The Cross extended from East to West and almost seemed as if it extended to eternity. I felt like the Lord put that up there for me to see. 2007 was exciting and I got to do some awsome stuff I dreamed about as well as I had many personal failures, but no matter what good or bad happened last year the Cross of Christ still stands and his forgivness continues from the east to the west. Regardless of what may have gone wrong God still loves me and encourages me and you to move forward toward the new thing he has for us in life. So I'm taking authority as of 1-1-08!
This is going to be the beggining of the greatest years of my life.

See you around the blog,
Brandon Robinson