Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Blackest Friday lead to Christmas Memories..

Hey Blog world. I'm Back! Happy Belate Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
I hope you had a fun Black Friday because mine was just well...BLACK!
It rained while I was at work, I found out I have to move from my new place, and I'm not going
to be going to Florida for work at Seaworld. Ugh.. The Devil's startin' up mess again!
Well I heard one of my fave Christmas tunes at the Park. It was a cover of WHAM!'s " Last Christmas". I loved the song when I was kid! My sis was a big WHAM! head back in the 80's.
So I did an illustration/speed paint inspired by the song. Check out the youtube link and listen to the song and look at the pic. To be honest it is a bit true for me. As much as the I love Christmas , I often feel sad about not having a relationship. I would give my heart and only have it turned away and it's been like that since I was young. So related to this song especially with current events in my life after my Mother's Passing. So Enjoy..


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wonderland / DTRH featured in Golden Gate Xpress

Wonderland and Down the Rabbit hole where featured in Golden Gate Xpress last week!
I was interviewed for the story!!! So awsome!!! Mad thanks to Kelly Connors andmy bud/ photographer Trina E. :

God's doing amazing things and taking me to amazing places!
Thank you Jesus and all my friends who I worked with and supported Wonderland
and DTRH!! Stay believing my friends he will make a way and keep his promises!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

Wow! Wonderland has been an amazing project and experience to workon!
It's been a great pleasure working with my teammates Jonathan Fung, Eric Otto, and Monika Jones on this powerful art installation! Wonderland as well as DTRH has been making major
waves in the media. I did the initial concept for the proposal which is the above image. It was great being apart of the production design. Everyone did a terrific job and took the audience into
the eyes of the victims of Human Trafficking. Please come see the show on it's last
week! Here's the info:

“Down The Rabbit Hole”, (YWAM building) - 357 Ellis Street

M-F, 11-3pm, call Katie at 415.885.6543 for an appointment; Sat, 11-3 pm

Also Mad Thanks to all the organizations that supported this installation and this show:

Down the Rabbit Hole Partners

Special Thanks

Alf Pollard

City Impact

Colin Day Photography

Community Benefit District

Fern Silva

Fight Club

Katie Greenawalt

Lance Fung

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

San Francisco Grant for the Arts

Santa Clara University, College of Arts & Sciences, Dean's Grant

Tim Svoboda

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Thanks for stopping by and please check out our exhibit and all the fantastic works

in Wonderland! Please continue to fight the horrible crime of Human Trafficking!

(Production Stills by Jonathan Fung)