Monday, October 19, 2009

Batman Snack Sketches continued..

Hey Blog world I'm back from the enlightenment trip at least for a little while. I got the urge to do more Batman Begins/Dark Knight themed sketches. So I went after my fave villain of all the Joker and one Batman Rogue who always messed with me Two-Face. Just for fun I did a chibi version of Joker. I was imagining the Joker as a young, smart, hip and mad Emotional Hardcore Kid. Mostly I did it for the hair, that hairstyle is just so cool and at the same time it's a bit menacing. Two-face I was just trying to get really creepy with it like my previous Scarecrow. Well I hope you all will enjoy these I have more to come soon with a full report about Wonderland and Down the Rabbit Hole. Thank you for all your prayers and support. It's a big challenge to morn a loss, have financial problems, trying to find another job, family challenges, and moving. Yet thankfully they are not to big for God!!! I'll be back this week with more. Thank you all again.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole: Wonderland hit's San Francisco this weekend!!

Hey everyone! How goes it? for the past week and through out the year I've been collaborating with film maker Jonathan Fung, Artist Monika Jones, Artist Eric Otto, and Mark Lee on a very exciting art installation called Wonderland. Wonderland is an art exhibit that was created to bring a lighter face towards one of San Francisco's Oldest and Impoverished District's "The Tenderloin". Several Artists from around the nation and globe are working on this landmark exhibit. My team's installation titled "Down the Rabbit Hole", which is a installation that confronts the social issue of Human Trafficking . We were fortunate enough to be donated a room by the good folks over at YWAM in the Tenderloin that was exactly what we needed to make this happen. This past week, we were busy painting the walls before we move in the furniture this week.
Please come join me and my team mates at the opening this weekend.
Here's our blog for down the rabbit hole:
Opens :October 17th -November 15th 2009
Opening Ceremony: Oct. 17th 2009
Boeddeker Park@ Jones & Eddy st.
San Francisco, Ca
11am-5pm, Opening Remarks 12pm
Oct. 18th 2009: Public Symposium
Warfield Theater 2pm-4pm
San Francisco,Ca
Down the Rabbit Hole
YWAM building 357 Ellis st. San Francisco , Ca.
BTW: we got mentioned in a big UK Publication , SF Bay Guardian and the New York Times!!!
Yeah I'm still in monk mode but I've been working too! LOL, so please come see our exibit!
And if you look below at the pictures you can see my hand!!! ha ha..
see you there friends!!
-Brandon Robinson