Friday, March 16, 2007

AFI Caricature

AFI is a bay area punk rock band that has been making waves in the underground for years. Since 2003, AFI have become a hit in the mainstream Alternative Rock scene. I was inspired by their look to make a caricature. Davey Havok has an interesting face and he his hair look so much fun to draw. Punks, Goths, Hip Hop Heads, and other subculture followers to me are very fun to draw. They add excitement to the mixture of people. Did this for my re-ap for Discovery Kingdom. -SRS

Friday, March 9, 2007

Sketch from the palace of fine arts in SFO,CA

Hi again this is another painting from my sketchbook. I went to the palace of fine arts and sketched with kanishka my bud from AAU. It was a beautiful day on Wednesday and I decided to sketch this corner of the POF. The wall is actually really big in proportion to people walking by. I was amazed when I realized it. it's really fun to sketch from life! The I loved the local colors of the area a mixure of Blue/Orange and Red/Green just in that area. If your ever in the City check out the Palace of fine arts you'll enjoy it.


A girl from my church...

Well this is my very first Blog post! Ha I'm finally Internet hip!!! Well I'm working on some illustrations with a friend from my church. I painted this with water color in my sketch book. I love watercolor.
It's become my fave medium of choice. I'm actually proud of this sketch because i haven't really drawn much portraiture in a long time aside from my caricaturist job at Discover Kingdom in Vallejo,Ca. It turned out pretty close, I'm thankful to my teacher Marv Werland who taught me a simple way of drawing the face, starting with a oval for the head and focusing on the eyes and nose first. Then working towards the lips and other features after. Well I hope you enjoy this and thank you much for coming to view my first post. I'm very thankfull to God for every person who views my work. Have a wonderful day.

-Brandon Robinson, SRS