Friday, March 9, 2007

A girl from my church...

Well this is my very first Blog post! Ha I'm finally Internet hip!!! Well I'm working on some illustrations with a friend from my church. I painted this with water color in my sketch book. I love watercolor.
It's become my fave medium of choice. I'm actually proud of this sketch because i haven't really drawn much portraiture in a long time aside from my caricaturist job at Discover Kingdom in Vallejo,Ca. It turned out pretty close, I'm thankful to my teacher Marv Werland who taught me a simple way of drawing the face, starting with a oval for the head and focusing on the eyes and nose first. Then working towards the lips and other features after. Well I hope you enjoy this and thank you much for coming to view my first post. I'm very thankfull to God for every person who views my work. Have a wonderful day.

-Brandon Robinson, SRS

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