Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Love Ch.2 | Francis Chan

REVIVAL is on the way...Crazy Love - Chapter 3

Hello Blog world. It's been sometime!!! Wow 1 year and some change.. man. I missed you all and as you can see I'm changing up the focus of this blog to not only be a space for my art and experiences but, to really be a place of inspiration. I've been through much since my previous post and I will share more about what happened to me during that long break away. I praise the Lord Jesus for the cross and the restoration he's bringing in my life. I've never been more excited about the future he has for me and I'm begining to come to terms with thing of the past and how he used those things to prepare me for his great work. I've recently become a big fan of Francis Chan. I discovered his book Forgotten God last year and saw a portion of his DVD. This clip is from Crazy love and I thought it would be a great precursor to the new beginning for the ABL blog. Don't sweat though fam! I'm still drawing and will post my new works. God's doing great things and I'm joyful for all that has in store for us!

I'll be back a few!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Dope Quote pt 3 for 2010...

"Plan B sucks. There is no plan B. When you're doing something you're truly passionate about, there is no plan B." -Chris Gardner

The truth.. straight up! That's why I can't give up!
I'll be back soon..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year blogworld!!

Happy New Year my friends! May God's Blessings be upon u in 2010!
2009 was mixed with major challenges and very exciting changes but, I believe 2010 is the year we're gonna WIN! Ha ha.. I'm expecting an excting and prosperous year! Things are going to change for me and I'm ready to make that change. I'm fasting and I have no internet at the moment since I've moved so it will be a bit quiet for some time. Don't worry I'm going to be back with new stuff! I wanted to post this gift illo of my favorite christian band from my church known as THRIVE. THRIVE is a very inspiring and fantastic spiritfuilled rock band that has really inspired me to be a better person. These young people are touching lives when the play the same way I wish to do with my own art. So keep an ear to the ground for them and keep me in prayer. God's up to something for us yallz! Don't be afraid this is our year!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wiz....

A Dark Wizard I did for a job test! I hope you all like it!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Blackest Friday lead to Christmas Memories..

Hey Blog world. I'm Back! Happy Belate Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
I hope you had a fun Black Friday because mine was just well...BLACK!
It rained while I was at work, I found out I have to move from my new place, and I'm not going
to be going to Florida for work at Seaworld. Ugh.. The Devil's startin' up mess again!
Well I heard one of my fave Christmas tunes at the Park. It was a cover of WHAM!'s " Last Christmas". I loved the song when I was kid! My sis was a big WHAM! head back in the 80's.
So I did an illustration/speed paint inspired by the song. Check out the youtube link and listen to the song and look at the pic. To be honest it is a bit true for me. As much as the I love Christmas , I often feel sad about not having a relationship. I would give my heart and only have it turned away and it's been like that since I was young. So related to this song especially with current events in my life after my Mother's Passing. So Enjoy..


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wonderland / DTRH featured in Golden Gate Xpress

Wonderland and Down the Rabbit hole where featured in Golden Gate Xpress last week!
I was interviewed for the story!!! So awsome!!! Mad thanks to Kelly Connors andmy bud/ photographer Trina E. :

God's doing amazing things and taking me to amazing places!
Thank you Jesus and all my friends who I worked with and supported Wonderland
and DTRH!! Stay believing my friends he will make a way and keep his promises!!