Thursday, September 15, 2011

REVIVAL is on the way...Crazy Love - Chapter 3

Hello Blog world. It's been sometime!!! Wow 1 year and some change.. man. I missed you all and as you can see I'm changing up the focus of this blog to not only be a space for my art and experiences but, to really be a place of inspiration. I've been through much since my previous post and I will share more about what happened to me during that long break away. I praise the Lord Jesus for the cross and the restoration he's bringing in my life. I've never been more excited about the future he has for me and I'm begining to come to terms with thing of the past and how he used those things to prepare me for his great work. I've recently become a big fan of Francis Chan. I discovered his book Forgotten God last year and saw a portion of his DVD. This clip is from Crazy love and I thought it would be a great precursor to the new beginning for the ABL blog. Don't sweat though fam! I'm still drawing and will post my new works. God's doing great things and I'm joyful for all that has in store for us!

I'll be back a few!

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