Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rock Star Supernova - Headspin Video

I loved this video and this song. I never watched Rock star Supernova but this song and this video really got my attention. I love the chord progression and the cinematography with the digital cameras.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Komoshi, Thanks for everything..StudioRisingStar

This is a reply to Mac Ko's version of my character Diana. This is my rendition of his video game character Lucy. I know cooled her down cuz this girls on fire!But since I like things chilled I thought I'd give her bad self a glass of Blue Kool Aid and see what happens. Well I hope the my nu net buddy Mac Ko of Canada will like this......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mac ko is the Shiznite!!!!

Man this was an awesome present!! My new Canadian homie Mac Ko aka macaroni
drew his rendition of my character in my up incoming graphic novel. I haven't posted any art for my book yet untill I got it together but, I'm a new fan of Mac's art and I challenged him to a sketch trade. Honestly I didn't think he wanted to draw Diana but, he surprised me today! Now I gotta give him my version of his character Lucy from his game he created. Man this is the sickness G!! Visit my bro at his blog all linked up on my artists links and in this postal post!
Thanx again Mac Ko!!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Work in Progress....

Doing this digital illo for practice. Would love feed back. I'm excited for the new Batman film that the great Heath Ledger stared in. This is a tribute to the excellent job the team has done on this new franchise of Batman films and a tribute to the Ledger for laying down a now legendary take on my fave villain!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh snap this is fo' real...

Man I always wanted to be in Street Fighter game tournament. I consider myself to be an illmatic SF champ but yo.. this cat is real!
If you don't know anything bout' SF3 and the parry technique you won't understand how ill this is!! Watch and be amazed!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Re: this ain't no joke....

Okay there has been alot of buzz going around about the Orphans Bill being a hoax. I admit I did freak out when I first posted about it, but many people started feeing it wasn't legit because of sources like this link :

After some folks read this many started to feel that this wasn't a concern. I disagree strongly.
Everyone please look into this bill for yourselves and find out as much information as possible.
This is a serious issue that should be looked into and considered. Educate yourself to make the right decisions. Don't rely on others opinions. I'm putting this up because I want inform my friends and colleagues on what I've heard and in hopes that yallz will find out more about this for yourselves. I originally found out about Orphaned Works from this artist on DA:

She has posted some really good links about the Bill. Also check out:

Here's also more info on Orphan Works:

Mercuralis creator of the awesome poster I posted on this blog and has posted some more really good links about this issue. Messa also has some links too. Please everyone I implore you all to educate yourselves on the Orphaned works Bill and don't just dismiss this as a hoax, old news or an over reacted internet/deviant art issue.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Attention All Artists!!! This aint no joke....

All my artist friends please spread the word and read this article because this is some serious junk that's trying to go down in congress. There is a bill on the table called the Orphan works bill which basically gives people the right to steal your art work from you, not pay you, or give you any credit on your creations. This is urgent and please spread the word!!!! This is not a joke this is for real!

Here's and interview about this:


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This just in.... a news brief

Cartoon Network bows the Cartoonstitute: A 'think tank' for animators

Rob_sorcher2An interesting development within Cartoon Network was overshadowed by the slew of other announcements unveiled at the cabler's upfront presentation last week.

Rob Sorcher, Cartoon Net's newly appointed chief content officer, is spearheading a development initiative they've dubbed the "Cartoonstitute." Sorcher (pictured left) wants to get a bunch of original development in the works pronto (insert a Hanna-Barbera zoink and pat-a-pat-a-pat-a-pat sound of running bare feet here), and so he's carving out a space with the Burbank-based Cartoon Studios facility for an artists colony that he hopes will harvest funny fruit in the near future.

Cartoonstitute will be run by two veteran Cartoon Net producers, Craig McCracken, of "Powerpuff Girls" and 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" fame, and Rob Renzetti ("My Life as a Teenage Robot"). Sorcher aims to put six artists to work full-time on pilots and short segments for the channel immediately, under the guidance of McCracken and Renzetti. As many as 30 more artists -- some already in-house at Cartoon, some new to the toon net tent -- will be brought in to pitch in and/or develop their own ideas at any given time, particularly when they're on production hiatus from other Cartoon Net shows.

Sorcher was part of the early Cartoon Net exec team in the mid-1990s and rejoined the channel in January after six years at AMC. He wants to generate 150 bits of programming for Cartoon Net during the next 20 months. It's an ambitious target, and a sign of how eager the new programming chief is to inject new Cnlogo characters and fresh yuks into Cartoon. The mission, as Sorcher sees it, is to create a "think tank" for animators. A productive think tank.

"I wanted to put a swift development track together," he says, "but the other side of it is thinking about long-term development and what it takes to get a successful cartoon series. I know that a lot of it comes from setting out the conditions where artists and writes can really succeed at doing that. We started thinking about how to create an environment where this kind of creative thinking can happen."

McCracken and Renzetti will oversee the operation in their own dedicated area of the Cartoon Studios building, with McCracken serving as exec producer and Renzetti as supervising producer. Cartoon is close to wrapping its first batch of development pacts to fuel its development drive. (McCracken is pictured at right at the 2007 Annie Awards where he picked up a kudo for "Foster's.")

Putting the initiative in the hands of artists was important because they'll be able to speak to and work Craigmccracken with other ink- and paint- and CG-stained wretches in a way that no executive ever could. One thing Sorcher's learned is that in many cases, a cartoon character needs to be developed and refined on its own, before the many other elements of a show are determined.

"Many times an artist has an idea for a character, but it becomes a big obstacle if you ask them to pitch you the entire show before you move forward," Sorcher sez. "It can be so daunting that the ideas go nowhere; I've seen it happen. So the idea is to get people immediately working on ideas, concepts, drawings. We want artists talking to artists and putting their notions on paper. Then we'll figure out if there is a hit series" lurking among those characters and concepts, Sorcher says.

Because of the need for speed, Cartoon Net is looking for animators, scribes, directors and storyboarders with experience. They're not setting up a recruiting station on the campus of Cal Arts, though over time Sorcher sez he'd love to expand the Cartoonstitute to include an apprenticeship-type program for promising art students.

"This is a huge deal. The goal is for us to become premier television studio where animators want to work," Sorcher sez. "This should be the environment where they dream about coming to do there shows, where the process (of development) is respected and led by artists."

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On Brandon Robinson..Pt 3: 2000-Present

Well here we are in the present 2008 looking back in the span of 8 years. Not all of the pictures show all that have inspired me. I graduated from High School in 2000 and entered The Academy of Art University in Spring 2001. Art school exposed me to the important techniques, application, and knowledge for my art career. While there I was inspired by all the different genres and industries that the Arts and Entertainment world has to offer. I was inspired by many Fashion Designers, New Media/Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, Illustrators, Fine Artists, and most importantly Animators! I was also exposed to the great history of Art and that's where I was fully exposed to Leonardo Davinci, Michealangelo, Raphael, Dontello( Not the turtles yall! That was back in the 80's G!) , Picasso, Carvagio, and others but, gravitated to a few of the 20 century like Norman Rockwell, Kathe Kolowitz, Salvador Dali, Edward Hopper, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Warhol, Peter Max, and my very favorite John Singer Sargent. In the popular arts world artist I began to discover and dig where Alex Ross, Steve Gordon, Jeff Matsuda, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Lesean Thomas, Charles Park, Long Vo, UDON Entertainment( I still want to work there), Omar Dogan, Alvin Lee, Pat Lee(DreamWave), Liquid!, Joe Madudera, Bill Presing, Nolan Obena, Jose Lopez, Ed Benes, Doze Green, Jeremy Fish, Gary Baseman, Jim Woodring, Shane Glines, Stephen Silver and many more. On the Anime front: Satoshi Kon, Shinchiro Watanabe, Makoto Shinkai, Osama Tezuka, Miyazaki, and the list continues on. I was also blessed to meet some of the most talented artists in my time of school like Albert T, Megan Wolfe T, Piya W, Rob Barros, Kanishka M, Genevieve, Sylvia Ji, Jason Worthington, Bill Sanchez, Chuck Pyle, Sherrie Sinclair, Marv Werlin, Eddie , Micheal Buffington, Camille Lapointes Lyones, Razael Cortez, Johnathan Fung, Diana K Lee, Sean Featherstone, Ken Junior, Sean O'Neal, Alex "O_8" Ahad, Christian Sy, PMBQ, Laura (Pinku), Cleven "Goodie" Goudeau, Bordin, Estavan, Willie Real, Imran, Taif, Saif, Alfredo, Ed, Creatures, The Earth Tones, Rene Pulido, John Pearson, Joe Blum, Grant Alexander, Arnie, Jim, Daniel, Charles, Roweena, Rico, Boonie, Tiege, Ron, Julian, Sean, Animation Lab Techs, Sue, Smalls, "Sto, Sherwin, Antony, Nick, Manny, Indvidual Collective, and many more wonderful and talented indivduals who have inspired me to keep creating. Well this is where Ive been now the question is where am I going......

to be continued