Monday, April 14, 2008

Re: this ain't no joke....

Okay there has been alot of buzz going around about the Orphans Bill being a hoax. I admit I did freak out when I first posted about it, but many people started feeing it wasn't legit because of sources like this link :

After some folks read this many started to feel that this wasn't a concern. I disagree strongly.
Everyone please look into this bill for yourselves and find out as much information as possible.
This is a serious issue that should be looked into and considered. Educate yourself to make the right decisions. Don't rely on others opinions. I'm putting this up because I want inform my friends and colleagues on what I've heard and in hopes that yallz will find out more about this for yourselves. I originally found out about Orphaned Works from this artist on DA:

She has posted some really good links about the Bill. Also check out:

Here's also more info on Orphan Works:

Mercuralis creator of the awesome poster I posted on this blog and has posted some more really good links about this issue. Messa also has some links too. Please everyone I implore you all to educate yourselves on the Orphaned works Bill and don't just dismiss this as a hoax, old news or an over reacted internet/deviant art issue.


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