Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On SDCC pt2: Where I met Jose Lopez!

On ward towards the next item from my week down in SD,Ca. I finally met Jose Lopez !

The superstar character designer of The Batman , Jakie Chan Adventures, and many more.

It took me the whole Con to finally track him down. He was so humble and kind! That made my day and he gave me some positive feed back on my work that was very helpful! I also got to reconnect with Stephen Silver and his wife who I was surprised she still remebered me after meeting her last year. Also I see Lesean Thomas, and Joe Mad at the Play Booth. Fred Perry Anatartic Press Comics legend doing his thang that made Gold Digger an indy manga legend !

Many Toy companies at SDCC this year and Celebrites.Kim Kardashian was there.... and I missed her! Dang it! Oh well I guess theres always next year...

More to come.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On SDCC.... pt. 1 Spectacular Spider-Man

I'm back blog world! Here's a litte info drop about SDCC.
First off the Spectacular Spiderman panel was pimpiliscous!
Lot's off hot stuff for next season and the dvd's are coming out this fall!
Man the goofy part of the panel was the quip reel that the staff edited together.
The things people can do with editing..... any who Sean Cheeks Galloway still rockin' it hard and puttin' it down on character design front, Greg Wiseman layin down the lyrical storytellin', Vic Cook Directing the animation for this bomb series, and the stellar voice cast droppin' life into these characters (especially Mary Jane). Steve Bloom gave us a freebie goblin laugh live in the panel. Later on and before the con, I got to talk to Vic Cook more about the animation production and it felt good to know that he still remembered me from Wonder Con of this year! ( plus for the record he did leave me that message on that blog posting!! I got a few pics from SD and more to talk about soon. I'll be back in a minute.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mega Man is Back and this time hes Lofi!!

Man this is going to be cool! Mega Man 9 a true sequal to the Megaman series I grew up with!
The wild thing is that it's going to be in 8bit/ 2D NES style! Man talk about creativity in motion. The link above is footage from japan and the link in the title leads to an interesting article about the game! Some stuff just works better in 2/D, all you GenerationNXT'rs can hate on the lofi version of megaman all you want but man at least someone is doing something different!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

RE: Cammy by Kaniska M, colors by SRS

So I send Kan an email titled personal gold and what did he send me back? He said no on gold and keep diggin! WTHK Man!! I personally thought that first one was pimp. He liked my Nishamura Kinu inspired coloring style. So I gave it a shot.. after 2-3hrs man I like it but man it was a pain.
Hope this one is gold or at least silver...(at least).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cammy by Kanishka M. colors by SRS/Brandon Robinson

He sent this to me when he couldn't finish in time for the SF/Udon contest. When I first started coloring it I didn't like it and just tossed it aside. Then I got the itch for some CG crunches so I went all out an finished it. Hope he likes it...