Monday, April 21, 2008

Work in Progress....

Doing this digital illo for practice. Would love feed back. I'm excited for the new Batman film that the great Heath Ledger stared in. This is a tribute to the excellent job the team has done on this new franchise of Batman films and a tribute to the Ledger for laying down a now legendary take on my fave villain!



Steve said...

if your gunna work sorta mono chromatically make sure you push the contrast more between batman in the foreground and joker in the back, maybe try throwing like a heavy blue like ultramarine in batman and then work with the lighter ocher u have in the back for joker. things that are further away appear lighter. but all in all keep going with it! good job!

macaronni said...

Hey Brandon! I posted your Diana character on my blog :D

Hope you like it! (Sorry it took me so long)