Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Changes for 2008...

Screw resoutions!!!
Just to let you all know, I'm setting my house in order.....
at least in cyberspace. Time to get organized yallz!
I created a new blog which will be my temporary/perminent website for my portfolio as well as my this current blog will be my blog to post up my rants, raves, godly wisdom, fan art, private art and whatever else I've done with this blog during 07' to keep in touch with my friends. So I'm not leaving or anything but, I'm trying to rebrand myself as a profesional artist. I'm proud to say I'm serious with this and I'm hungering for order and stability in my life. For a long time I've dreamed that I could be organized and focused but I couldn't grasp it . I always talked the talk but failed to walk it. But not no more..... On New Years Eve I saw something inspirational in the sky. I saw to Thin-Jet style clouds coming together forming a Cross in the sky. The Cross extended from East to West and almost seemed as if it extended to eternity. I felt like the Lord put that up there for me to see. 2007 was exciting and I got to do some awsome stuff I dreamed about as well as I had many personal failures, but no matter what good or bad happened last year the Cross of Christ still stands and his forgivness continues from the east to the west. Regardless of what may have gone wrong God still loves me and encourages me and you to move forward toward the new thing he has for us in life. So I'm taking authority as of 1-1-08!
This is going to be the beggining of the greatest years of my life.

See you around the blog,
Brandon Robinson


Alfredo said...

Tha's great to hear Brandon!! hope all your dreams come true for you these year!!
best of luck and hope to see some more awesome work of your!


StudioRisingStar said...

Thanx Fredo Happy New Year!