Saturday, June 16, 2007

new sketches inspired by hiphop

Whats up net nation! Sorry for the late update. Been busy at work. I recently saw my friends at a
HipHop show in SF at The Element Lounge. My boys Afterflow and The Earthtones were playing during this underground HipHop fest. It was great and a few of my friends were doing live art at the show. Thus inspiring the images above. Also lately I've had an infatuation with the bay area Hyphy Movement. Maybe because I'm a Bay Area boy but, it's exciting to see people being heard and getting excited about something in your area. Even though I don't Ghost Ride .I've always had a thing for street art ever since I was a kid. I never tagged on walls but , many street artist turned fine artists have amazing pen and ink drawings. When I look at these sketches, it makes me think of San Francisco an all the sick graffiti and street art I've seen. So inspiring.


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