Wednesday, August 1, 2007

SDCC: Where I met Rosario Dawson!!!

I'll be posting more about comic con but I'can't help but talk about this one!!
Yup the photo is proof that I met Rosario Dawson. Ha Ha Ha!!! She was soooo awsome in person! Man I never knew how down to earth she is! She was so kind to me and others. I've gained a great deal of respect for her. From an article from Bust magazine I read about her views on certain issues. She also has a heart to serve people which I'm a firm believer as a follower of Christ. After meeting twice , getting a few pics, and signatures, I decided to give her a gift art. I drew a toon version of her with a street art style backdrop of ZOO YORK (new york if you don't know the skate refrence). I drew and painted it Sunday morning. As worked on it , I felt a bit convicted about why I was doing it. I repented asked Christ to help me have pure motives and that his spirit would shine through my work. I didn't want to baptize what I was doing, I wanted to do it with sincerity and as a gift for her kindness. I included my card and a leave behind sketch book. I don't know why I added those things, I hope that she didn't think that I was just trying to get something from her. I gave it to her that morning and I wasn't sure of her reaction. I hope she liked it. I felt kinda stupid after I gave it to her. I really did respect her and really was thankful to learn how nice she really was. I learned alot during that convention about myself. I must admit I do think she's beautiful but, after I met her in person I saw a glimmer of who she really was and that out shined her beauty. She's a really wonderful person. I'll never know if she liked my work or not as well as I have to pray that God will show me the way to treat others more the way that they want to be treated no matter who they are. Maybe I'm over thinking all of this but, like my friend Marcus said tonight " At least you got the picture and proof that you met Rosario Dawson!" Straight up!!

-Brandon Robinson, SRS

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Alfredo said...

Congrats!! Brandon.. good to see you had a great time meeting Rosario... whoohoo!!!
hope to see more work coming soon!