Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mo Caricature fun!

Mo caricatures! This time Cosby, E-40, and Mr.LIF! Man doing these were hard today because I was feeling very discoraged because of some crits I got on Honestly I was debating on if I should reapply next year or just quit the caricature gig now. Man even though I've read the bible verses and created a sermon on crits they still are a challenge for me to get over.
well keep prayin' for a brotha net commune.



Joe Karg said...

Cool technique man. like the second one the best. On the Cosby piece you're doing some more descriptive lines around the left eye and I would love to see more of those everywhere. I don't know if you look much at Kyle Baker, but he is really great with that style.

Thanks for the comments on the drawing board. I'm finding it hard to get much feedback

StudioRisingStar said...

Believe me I know Joe...

akt said...

heeeey I'm leaving another psot! WOOO!

nice work B! You know what? YOU never showed me any of your work while we were in school man? i didnt know you do charicatures. these are AWESOME!

love the photoshop practice work too :)

i wish the world didnt have to worry with photoshop so much :( i would just love to pencil things instead :(