Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Even deeper samurai....

more fun with my redo of my samurai! Inks , turnaround, and more to come from this series.


Alfredo said...

Awesome to see some colors to your Character!
I personally liked a lot the Yellow one.
the only thing is that you should add a bit of definition of the shape on the neck area to define better the neck and the area where the clavicle and sternon meet(the area where you put a tie).
also you should be careful since i noticed you lost a bit of the details of the folds from the drawings when you added the colors in certain areas like the knee area for example.
Hope to see more of these work with Colors.
alright Brandon
keep the good work.

Arnie or Ray said...

keep fighting the good fight. or whatever that means. just don't stop drawing.