Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dream Girl...

This is actually an oldie but goody that I slapped some color on for practice. I call the this Dream Girl because when a girl at my job saw the line art/blknwht version of she asked me if the girl in the image is my girlfriend. Sadly of course I just made her up from a model at school. *Sigh*
I would hope that my future girlfriend/wife will look something like this, but of course I have to be a good man for that special person in which I'm not mature enough or ready for at this present time. So I guess I gotta keep dreamin'.................................. :(



Piya said...

HHEEYYYY!!!! What's up Brandon! Lovely painting; keep it up!!

RoB said...

Hey Brandon!

WOW! That is certainly a hottie! :)
I like the lighting and how soft the piece came out, great job!

Keep posting up dude!


Megan Wolfe said...

I second Piya's HEEEYYYY!

:) Nice one, dude. The lighting looks just like morning, and the expression on her face is perfectly appropriate (her expression is my favorite thing about this piece, really.. it's priceless!).

I'll have to visit your blog more now. :D All us old AAU grads gots to stick together!