Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Call.....

Man something Big happened today! I called a studio looking for address for their company to send a portfolio to them. 2 of my animation heroes work for this certain company. Well I called them over the weekend and they didn't get back to me. So I called today, talked to their secretary and she took my information and gave it to a supervisor. He called me 20mins later.. we talked. I introduced myself , stated my position, and asked for an address to their company. He told me they weren't looking for anyone at the moment and he was pretty stand off about answering my questions. He asked about my experience, where I was from, and if I believed that my work was up to par with the likes of their artists of which I said calmly " Yes". He paused for a second and surprised me with asking for my website and email and he said if they like me they'll think of using me as a freelance artist for their company. I was excited but, I was especially nervous! I didn't think he would want to see my website so quickly! I'm praying that this will work out, God's opening doors.... Please pray for me and this new opportunity friends!


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khusrouf said...

that's great man, hope everything workout fine with you, wish you all the best and keep me posted :)