Thursday, May 29, 2008

I went to Pixar foooo!!!

Yeah thanks to my home boi kanishka, I got to visit Pixar and got an awesome tour of the studio.
I only got to see half of it because of their production scedule. I got to see all the concept art for Wall.E! It was beautiful to see all that goes into their films. Got to give a shout out to my new friend Doug Doogley a Pixar animator who gave us the tour. He and Kan go back to that animation mentor..... I got to see some folks from my AAU past like Hasia Sroat and my friend Willie a sick artist I knew from AAU who's rockin' out at Pixar. Well now that I've seen the place I'm going to apply there for work. For a long time since high school, I never thought about working at pixar cause I wasn't into 3-D animation/ I didn't think I was good enough/ wasn't my direction at the time but, seeing the artist works on Wall.E inspired me to believe and have faith that I have a shot. It was wild! I even did the can can with Sully!!!


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