Monday, June 2, 2008

My Vampire Weekend....

Why do I call it a Vampire Weekend? (not only cause I got the band Vampire Weekend in my head)But this past weekend sucked the energon crystals out of yah boi! It all started with Friday evening with my crew Individual Collective and our show at Umpaqua Bank "Circle of Time". The show went good, I got there early to take some pics and hang before I jetted off north to a Colusa for my all nighter caricature gig. I was at Colusa High School's Grad Night from 10:30pm-2:30am. Before I started I got to play some classic video games like Root Beer Tapper, Bubbles, and Timber. But, there was one thing that bugged me out, the US Army had recruits there with an Army Shooting video game with a laser targeting rifle . I did horrible on that game because I never shot a gun or held a gun in my life (thank you Jesus!), Much respect to my countries service men but dang G... I don't know about all that. Any hoo I had a few really good caricatures and I took pictures of them. The Grad Night was nice though! It looked fun for such a small school. I left there about 3:00 am on my way back to Vtown, but on the way I got tired so I stopped at truck stop/gas station for a drink and some rest. I couldn't sleep in my car.. but I relaxed the best I could none the less. I woke about 5am , grabbed some breakfast from a wendy's and hit the road. I got back home to Vallejo about 6:45am. Then I chatted with my mom's then went to sleep for 2 hrs. I got back up about 10am right on time for spider-man, but I was still majorly wiped out from earlier that morning. I went to the Farmer's Market around 11:30am. Hung out with the IC at the Art Square. Then headed back home in preparation for my next event: " Ruth's 18th B-Day Cotillion " in Daily City,CA.

I got Daily City around 5pm (great time!) set up my stuff and got my seat with my church fam.
Her Cotillion was beautiful! Ruth looked beautiful! There was pink and purple every where! and they even had chocolate meat!!!!(pork cooked in pigs blood, a Philippine delicacy ) and to top it off they had a whole roasted Pig!!!! It was pimp! The Sonza Familia went all out G! The night ended with the Roses & Candles Ceremony and a Hyphy Drenched Hip-hop dance off. I drew a caricature of Ruth as requested by Mr. and Mrs. Sonza. She loved it ,but my camera didn't...
The rest of the party I was stuck to my chair cause after everyone saw Ruth's Caricature they all wanted one. So at $3.00 a pop... they could have a memory and $30.00 later I was a happy man!

Then I drove home.... and Over slept on Sunday and missed Church.
The vampire of work sucked me dry....
That was my Vampire weekend

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eltoromuerto said...

Hey Brandon, I like your Caricature stuff . I always find that hard to do and to be fast at it too! I saw a couple blogs I thought might interest you. These two guys are really inspiring.
Jason Seiler:
and Thomas Fluharty:
I like to spread the word when I find cool stuff. :)
Post more caricatures when you can. Maybe some celeb. stuff. It would be fun to see what you can do!