Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Re: The Call......

Remeber the past posting I titled the Call? It was about a company I was getting info on that may wish to hire me? Well I called the guy back today and sadly he said my work wasn't up to par with the artists of their studio. I was really let down by his response as well as his reason why my work wasn't up to par( my work was too student looking, even though I just got out of college). I was really frustrated and down for a while, but interesting enough right after I got off the phone with him, a gentlemen from Umpaqua Bank in Vallejo,Ca called me to let me know I had a possible buyer for my painting from I.C.'s show last week! He took down my info and confirmed that it was my painting and gave the man my the info. Wow how God work's man! Even in defeat he lifts us up above it! So I move onward in my goal to finish my portfolio and to my next Caricature gig on friday. I can't believe I have to be dressed as a pirate.....ugh..


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