Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Update: IC @ OTMS and Streets of Gold...

Man July was packed with big stuff. Not just Comic Con but two big events for Individual Collective. First off Streets of Gold in San Francisco's Club Cocamo was cool. The turn was a bit slow but none the less it was cool! There were some awesome artists, clothing companies, and hip-hop artists at SOG. IC was representing with diverse crews and stores. Got to see one of my old friends from the AAU and I got to see local underground acts like Mikey Manifest, Del Rocks, plus many other acts including an awesome SF native female MC by the name of Hopie Spitshard. Hopie stood out to me the most. She was the first REAL female MC I've seen in a long time that takes Hip-Hop to its essence. She reminded me of classic Salt n' Pepa and Queen Latifa. She impressed me so much that I had to draw a free caricature of her. That wouldn't be the last I would see her...
The following week was the opening of IC's first Gallery show at Off the Mark Studio in Vallejo.
We were so honored and surprised by the turn out for the opening. Approx. 300+ people came to our opening show. Eveyone left rave reviews especially the regular visitors of the gallery leaving positive comments with owner Jeremy . They said that our show was unique, refreshing, exciting, and one of the best shows in the opening of OTM. A few sales were made and many connections came from that show. Plus we had some awesome acts including....... HOPIE SPITSHARD!!!! Yup she came in for a last minute special performance along with IC's own rjess. solo vocal performance which was awesome! Mad respect and love to our Guest DJ's from SF bringing back the art of scratch to the urban arts! It was wild fun night I will never forget. The closing of the show went well also. Major achievement for Individual Collective. More is on the way this month. BYOArt in 2weeks and a rumored Streets of Gold return this time starting at night. Man Big things are happening, thank you Jesus!!

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