Sunday, August 3, 2008

On SDCC pt 3: Reconnecting with friends...

One of the best parts about SDCC was I got to reconnect and hang with my college friends.

You might know some of them from my blog listings. I got to hang out with Kanishka, Imran, his Brother, Kevin, Saif (the general), Buffy who got a new job with a film studio, Rob Barros fresh from his job at Avalance Studios, Genevive Tsai, Alex Ahad, PMBQ, Sue Fabie, and my old friend who I haven't seen since we were in grade school Adam Roseland who is a Comic artist by night , Concept artist by day. That factor with others in my second report about SDCC made it worth while. On another soon post I have some issues I have to rant about SDCC.

Stay tuned,


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