Monday, September 1, 2008

IC@111 Minna Gallery SF: Friday was live!!

Man things are really moving for Individual Collective!! IC and I got our first big chance to do live art at famed Gallery/Club 111 Minna in San Francisco through Oh Dang! Magazine. It was a late and wild night filled with great art and awesome Hip-Hop performances by some new friends like Nico Villamor, the amazing and gorgeous female MC Hopie Spitshard , and my new fave Hip-Hop group from LA Giant Panda who were fun and fierce!! Before we went to Minna, we made a pitstop by a shop that our IC cohorts Swamps and Bridges were bombing a dressing room (bombing=painting).
The shop was looking hip, even the restroom was dope! After that we got to Minna about 8pm and found out we didn't start untill 11pm.... So we relaxed , set up, got some drinks, break danced, and then prepared for the show and when the clock struck 11pm the people came in like a herd G! Nico was up first and tore the stage up with his hot song " I'm Going". Then the lovely Hopie Spitshard came in to drop science on what a real female MC is and can do in heels on stage. Lastly Giant Panda came in and like the amazing creature they were bigger than life! They were cool dudes! Really down to earth and inspiring. After hearing their stuff and the other artists I wanted to do a custom painting for all of them! (coming soon..) IC did a split theme; a Giant panda with dimonds and a awesome piece by Swamps and Bridges . Man it was late and real fun.
I got to see good friends like Saif, Richard, Janice and my lovely friend Kay who was the inspiration/model for the fourth painting in my previous blog post. There are more shows to come and more art on the way. Stay Tuned please!
PS: Obama Lincoln... wow.. interesting digial manipulation

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Megan Wolfe said...

Wow, that's awesome about the 111 Minna gig! Congrats!! :D