Monday, September 1, 2008

Refresh yo' self with Jesus!: X-Factor Ministries Retreat

I went to Prayer Mountain for the annual X-Factor Retreat. For One day we fasted, prayed, studied, worshiped, and did exercises and activities to stretch and renew our faith in God. It was a well needed get away for me. Alot of stuff was on my mind and going up to prayer mountain and meeting Christ there was great! The Prayer Mountain staff were building new chapels as well as adding new plants. What was not shown in the photos was the Green Apple I found and picked up for my faith activity. We were to find something represented how we felt our faith was like today. The building and the apple reminded me of my Christian Walk. I've learned alot and have bore some fruit but, I'm still growing and being build into the person God wants me to be.
Learning that fact gave me major confidence after the retreat. It was good to hang with Jonathan , Alison, and the members of X-Factor since I saw them last in May. I will see them again in October for Hallowed 08'.
Ps: The Stratocaster in the photos is mine. I played worship melodies during our prayer time.
My bud was checking it out. He loved it.

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