Friday, November 7, 2008

Mirror's Edge: Creativity finally comes to modern gaming..

I've been quite dissatisfied with the modern gaming industry. For American games there has been nothing but big budget over rendered clones of WOW, Halo, and others. I've never seen any games outside of Japan that have been driven off pure creativity and risk to be different. That was untill I went to my boy Imran's house and tried out the demo to Mirror's Edge. I don't know who at EA(of all companies) thought of this game but it's pure creative genius! On one level yeah it's first person combat game but, the twist is that the character is a freestyle runner/Spy. Your litterally jumping ,climbing, sliding, wall running on roof tops to your goals. Not to mention the simple color schemes of the levels are so cool! ( I love simple color schemes) Especially the first level reminds me of that Red Hot Chilli Peppers video inspired by the Minute Still Lifes by Erwin Wurm or/and personal storage garages ( which I love). I was really impressed with the design the game play was a real challenge since I'm not savy with the PS3 controls (cuz I'm Po').
I'm totally repin' this game. So please check it out if you have a PS3 I'm not sure if it's available for XBoX360 or Wii. I'll Probably blog about my list of most creative games....

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