Friday, December 26, 2008

Muramasa : Demon Blade , creativity in video games done right..

Man now I really gotta get a Wii! This is the successor to Vanillaware hit Odin Sphere.
MDB has the same hand drawn Traditional Animation of Odin Sphere but the story is inspired by Japanese Mythology rather than Norse Mythology like Odin Sphere. Once again it's hook is not only the Action/RPG game play but Vanillaware has created an eye pleasing mythic Japan with the fantastic Character Design , Layouts, and the classic 2/D animation that most American Games and film companies use less of. Man if only US game companies would be brave enough to use the great US 2/D animators and do something along the lines of this game! Only if there were people who were brave enough to create a games that were not about sales but filled with creativity. Check it out yallz!

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khusrouf said...

I hear u man, is this adventure or RGB??

StudioRisingStar said...

It's actually Action/RPG Taif Metal!