Sunday, February 22, 2009

SRS vs Cheeks: "insert title here"

Sup Blog world! I know it's been quite lately and I've been busy working on an animated telvision production. I finished my comic for my company! wooohoo! But man did it take it's toll on me!
I'm so pooped I barely got through my concept project I had to do. Any hoo had to post up a color job I did of the legend Sean "Cheeks" Galloway's awesome piece for Spectacular Spider-man. I hope he likes it. I had fun and I wanted to do something fun for once after doing such major work.
Enjoy and more to come.

ps: I was trying to think of a catchy title but got stuck. Here were some I thought of:

" Muddy Waters", "I hate Monday's", " Pete. You Hecka Late!", " Litter buggin' " ( a play on cheeks original title). If you can think of something funny please post it up!



Alexiev said...

Good drawing...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Dyno said...

that's a sick piece of work! good job.

Edward said...

Thank you for the encouragement on D War. What company are you working for? Does this mean you are at a studio now? That's great! You should enter D War 4 too! Keep challenging yourself!