Thursday, April 2, 2009

Success and a future music legend visits Vtown!

Individual Collective Gallery's opening was fantastic! We opened to a whopping 300 people that evening! What made the day even more sweet was the attendance of my close friends Marcus "TRDMRC" B. and and my buddie Shamara "Super Shamario" ! They had a great time seeing the works of IC and eating a Elaudio's Mexican Restaraunt across the street from the gallery. It's really good to know and have friends of yours who have a genuwine interest in art come to see your work. I was glad to see them there and enjoyed riding with them to the show and taking them home after. There was more great art from the show that my friends did but unfortunately my camera sucks ! So check out my bro and fellow IC member Albert's professional photos from that night at!

Thanks my friends and viewers for your support!

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