Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Unknown Visionary.....

Will I get my day in the sun? Will my artwork finally be seen in the world?
Will I finally get good money for my hardwork? The struggle continues as I'm stuck in between being a loser and being respected. This is one of the worst places to be and after 2 years of being in this place I can't help but be frustrated. My family is never supportive of what I do unless it's convenient ( like when I was in the town newspaper in promoting this show and our gallery). People support you and are proud of you in the big shiney moments but, they treat you like crud in the not so glam moments. These are such annoying days full of contradiction. Days that are both happy and praise worthy while being hard and trying. When will these times end? When will stability come in my life in all areas? God please send some rain in my life because I'm dying in a spiritual desert...

(photo by TRDMRC, thanx G!)



macaronni said...

This must be trying times man.. Keep your head up, and always remember.. If you put God first in your life, the other things will come to you.

Alfredo said...

Don't give up on your dreams Brother Bee!!!

keep enjoying what you like to do! and have fun doing so!
of course.. we all go through our struggles and doubts about ourselves.. we all have been at it at some point. but don't get discourage about it!
find motivation and inspiration to keep going! and you will get it with Persistance and practice!

Hope all is well!!



by the way.. nice pic! with great congrast with your work on the background!

where is your hair??? just realized ...