Monday, April 27, 2009

tatsunoko vs capcom gameplay hd

Man this game was beautifully executed!!!
Shinkiro's concepts , the 3/d enviorments and the animation are fantastic! SF4 was kickin' but this game was sweet! I wish they put this out in the US.



nostylin said...

The game is beautiful. The art work the animation as well. Problem is people in have did a background check on who owns what rights for the games(so it can be brought over to the states) @ the final out come. Capcom was giving the run around.

But don't worry If you have a wii you can dl the game and burn it to a dvd and play it on your wii, but everything in the game will be in japanese.

As for the game play, its broken(sad but true)If your hardcore button smasher. This game has many broken infinities just like MVC2. =(. But other then that this game rocks.

Oh if you love this game you should check out Namco Vs Capcom. This game was made in 2004 and it will never come to the states because Capcom thinks it will not sell. Namco vs capcom is a rpg type of game with all your favorite characters from capcom. Here is the link

check it out :)

macaronni said...

I wonder if the US never bothered since Tatsunoko is kind of a minority in North America, which is a crying shame.